Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

If I go to a store, can I still swipe the card and enter pin. Is this an option for me?
No, the credit cards are Chip/Swipe and signature. PIN is for ATM use only.

Why are we changing credit cards?
To provide our clients with additional options and features and to increase our level of service to our customers

What benefits to me is there with the new credit card?
Providing a single Online Banking ID and Password with full intergration with our current online banking and mobile products.

Will the new cards be available on online banking?
Yes, the cards will be tied to your existing FNBT Online Banking ID.

Will I be able to view and pay from FNBT's Online Banking Services or will there be a separate login like we have now?
Yes, the change includes a single sign on for our clients. Once you enter online banking you will have access to your deposit accounts, loans and credit cards.

If a customer is traveling during the conversion, will their messages carry over?
No, any accounts that were messaged over the timeframe of conversion will need to be re-messaged.

Why am I getting a new card?
The offer the new services to our clients we issused new card numbers.

Why do my spouse and I have different card numbers now?
In the event that one card is lost/stolen the other card will remain active.

How do I activate my card?
You may call 850-796-2122 and follow the prompts or go online to https://card/ and complete the form.

Who do I call if my card is not working?
Contact Bank Operations at 850-796-2000 Opt 0

What happens if my new card gets declined on the July 20th?
Please verify that you have activated your card and the funds are available for the transaction. If still declined contact FNBT at 850-796-2000 OPT 0

What do I do if I haven’t received my card by the 20th?
Please contact FNBT Bank at 850-796-2000 or

Where do we pay our bill now?
You may make your payment online or at any FNBT BANK office or by calling 850-796-2000 OPT 0

Will my due date be the same?
Yes, your due date will remain the same.

Will I have to set up a new online bill account?
If you are paying your credit card through bill pay it will be necessary to update your card number in your bill pay software to ensure proper credit.

Will I have the same credit limit?
Yes, the terms of your account will remain the same.

Will my APR be the same?
Yes, the terms of your account will remain the same

What if I am out of town when the card is delivered and I need to use it, what do I do until I get back in town?
If you are planning a trip during the timeframe of the conversion and did not contact us to mail your card to a different mailing address you will not have access to your account. The old card will be deactivated with Visa / MasterCard and FNBT will not have the ability to “leave it on” until you return.

What impact will this have on me paying my bills?
You will need to provide your new card number and expiration date to any vendor that automatically bills your card.

Will this credit card be accepted just like the other one?
Yes, the new cards are Visa and MasterCard branded just as your current card.

Does the new card have a chip?
Yes, the new cards are EMV capable for enhanced security

What do we do with our old card?
After July 20th you may destroy the old card.

Will our balance carry over from the old card to the new card?
Yes, your balance will transfer.

Will I still be able to look up all my previous statements and transactions from old card?
2 months of history will be available on the new system. If you need statements prior to that please contact FNBT Bank operations for assistance at 850-796-2000 OPT 0 or

Questions? Call 800-899-4321 or email
Or visit an FNBT branch office for more information