Welcome to FNBT Bank Card Cards

Starting July 20th. Your CARDNUMBER and EXPIRATION DATE will change!
Your PIN NUMBER will change!

Your should receive your new card(s) before July 20th.
If you are an existing FNBT Credit Card Customer and have not recieved
your new FNBT Credit Card, please call us at (850)796-2000 and press 0.
Existing cards will no longer be valid after July 20, 2018

When you receive your new card:

Activate your card by calling (850)796-2122 and following the prompts.
Please SIGN the back.

To Activate your card online click Activate Credit Card
You will need to CONTACT all merchants with reoccurring transactions
(i.e., gym memberships, monthly payments)
And UPDATE with your NEW card information

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions? Call 800-899-4321 or email bankcards@fnbt.com
Or visit an FNBT branch office for more information